4 Facts Regarding Suicide – Suicide Prevention Awareness

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Suicide kills many people – Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Self-inflicted injuries cause suicide. A suicide attempt is when someone intentionally harms oneself but does not die.

Suicide risk is affected by many things. Suicide is linked to violence and injury. Victims of child abuse, bullying, or sexual violence have an increased suicide risk. Family, community, and health care support can reduce suicide thoughts and behaviors.

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Suicide Prevention Awareness

Suicide is a health concern – Suicide Prevention Awareness

Between 2000 and 2018, suicide rates rose 30%, but have since fallen. In 2020, 45,979 Americans will die by suicide.
Every 11 minutes, someone dies. More people consider or attempt suicide. In 2020, 12.2 million Americans seriously considered suicide, 3.2 million planned a suicide attempt, and 1.2 million attempted suicide.

Suicide is universal. Suicide was a top 9 cause of death for aged 10-64 in 2020. Suicide ranks second among ages 10-14 and 25-34.

Suicide rates vary by category. Race/ethnicity, age, and location affect suicide rates. American Indian/Alaska Native and White non-Hispanics had the greatest rates. Veterans, rural residents, and employees in mining and construction also have higher suicide rates. Lesbian, homosexual, and bisexual youth have greater suicide rates than heterosexual youth.

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Semi Colon Suicide Prevention Awareness You Matter T-Shirt Sweatshirt Tank Top

Suicide has repercussions

Suicide and attempts have emotional, physical, and economic consequences. Suicide attempt survivors may suffer long-term injuries. Depression and other mental health issues are common. Over 90% of suicide attempt survivors never die by suicide.
Friends, family, coworkers, and the community are affected by suicide and suicide attempts.
Survivors of suicide victims may experience shock, wrath, guilt, melancholy, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.
Suicide costs society financially.
In 2019, suicide and nonfatal self-harm cost the US $490 billion in medical costs, work lost costs, and quality of life costs.

Prevent suicide

Everyone can help prevent suicide and build healthy individuals, families, and communities.
Comprehensive public health is needed to prevent suicide.
Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices [PDF – 394 KB] presents suicide prevention evidence. The technical bundle helps states and communities make suicide prevention decisions. Strategies range from supporting high-risk individuals to focusing on the entire population.

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